The web store is available at the web page  owned by Dariusz Plesiński, who runs the company as below:
Dariusz Plesiński , 
ul. Ofiar Katynia 44a/6, 
49-300 Brzeg, 
registered within the Central Evidence Bureau and proving business activities in the Ministry of Economic Affairs under NIP number 7471726757, REGON number 382494167
Company e-mail address:, mobile +4850388611 (company
contact details can be verified via the polish government company
register website
1.1     Web store - The online web store can be accessed via the link:
1.2 Client - Physical entity of legal age, with full legal
responsibilities, a legal entity working in collaboration with its own
company representatives using the web store
1.3 Consumer - physical entity being the store customer, making
purchases in no relation with their own private business or career.
1.4 Terms of use - the below terms of use of the web store lines out the rules and regulations of placing
orders, including the point of sale, the sale and purchase conditions,
the consumer rights of the client, purchase cancellation rules as well
as complaint policy and terms and conditions of the electronic service
and processing of personal data.
1.5 Purchase order form - form available on the web store which allows to place an order for products
offered by the store
1.6 Electronic service - service which allows the customer to place an
order via the web store with the use of the online purchase form.
1.7. Working day - Monday to Friday except annual holidays in accordance
to the European act relating to non-business days (xxx).
1.8 Order - Client or Seller statement inviting to make a purchase of a
product offered by the store. The order can be placed via the order form
available on the website.
1.9. Transportation law - In accordance with the European transportation
act (xxx)
1.10 Product - movable thing purchased by the client via the web store
2.1 By placing an order via the web store the client agrees to accept the above terms and conditions and below general provisions
2.2 The content of the Terms & Conditions can be consolidated and duplicated at any time by printing it, saving it on a digital medium or downloading it in a PDF file format and saving it on the PC hard drive
2.3. Free software used for PDF files is available to download via the web page
2.4 For the appropriate use of the web site (communication and information system) the user requires a PC, Tablet, Laptop, Netbook, Smartphone or other digital device with internet connection,  access to e-mail as well as a web browser installed on one of the above devices, Mozilla Firefox version 10 or more recent, Internet Explorer version 8.0 or more recent, Opera version 11 or more recent, Google Chrome version 17 or more recent as well as having the cookies option enabled in the chosen browser.
3.1 Orders can be placed by any natural or legal person of legal age, as well as legal entities via their representatives
3.2 Under-age/Minors as well as persons with limited legal capacity can only place orders with the knowledge and agreement from their legal representatives
3.3 Prices listed on the web store are Gross prices, including VAT and converted to the Polish currency (PLN). The prices can be converted into other currencies as well as shown in Net value.
3.4.    Payment options:
a) upfront payment (transfer made to the account indicated by the seller)
b) payment on arrival ( payment at the point of receiving the ordered products)
c) PayU and PayPal payment
3.5. Conditions of purchase agreement of products listed on the web store
a)   Placing an order by the buyer via the web purchase order form available on the store website and selecting the "order with obligation to pay" option,
b)    Providing personal details required to carry out the purchasing agreement and creating an invoice: Name and surname, home address, delivery address, contact phone number, e-mail address as well as names and prices of the ordered products and delivery method. If placing a commercial order the VAT registration number is required along with the company address
c)   Seller order confirmation including : product name, ordered amount and the particular ordered product prices, total order price as well as delivery price depending on selected option (upfront payment / payment on arrival)
d)   Payment into the account indicated on order confirmation (when selecting the upfront payment option)
3.6.  Order confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the buyer in the purchase order form
3.7.    Order processing (sending the ordered goods for delivery) will commence on the 2nd working day from placing the order on a working day, or on the 2nd working day if the order was placed on a non-working day
3.8.    The seller can refuse to process the order if:
a)   the payment has not been received within 3 working days from receiving the order confirmation by the buyer (when selecting the upfront payment option)
b)    the details required to process the delivery were not included in the purchase order form
3.9.    Delivery costs will be added to every order by the selected courier service in accordance with the courier current price-lists (available to view in the delivery costs tab) as per client choice
3.10.    If the seller is unable to process the order due to a certain ordered product being out of stock, the funds will be returned to the buyer not later than within 7 days of notification, unless the buyer is willing to extend the order processing time over 30 calendar days from placing the initial order
3.11.    The buyer can cancel the order from the moment order is placed until the order is being processed.
3.12.    The product prices listed on the web store are subject to change, although it does not affect the product prices listed on the order confirmation.
3.13.    The purchase of the product via the web store is connected with the responsibility of covering the delivery costs accordingly with the courier prices indicated by the buyer in the "delivery costs tab".
4.1.    The web store sends the placed orders to the address indicated in the purchase order form, therefore it is recommended to check if the address provided on the order confirmation is correct, as incorrect address details could result in a delay in the processing of the order.
4.2.    The store assures safe and appropriate packaging for the requested products which guarantees the integrity of the product delivered.
4.3     The confirmation document of the purchase agreement between the seller and the buyer is a Receipt / VAT Invoice attached to the consignment.
4.4.    Considering the transportation law and the complaint rights relating to damaging or destruction of the parcel during transportation, we would recommend to check (in the courier's presence) the integrity of safety tapes securing the package as well as the contents of the package, especially to establish if there are any mechanical damages and if the quantity is correct 
4.5     In the circumstance in which the parcel or the contents are damaged it is recommended to create a protocol relating to the accident in the presence of the courier or within 7 days of receiving the parcel
4.6.    Complaints regarding damages or incorrect quantity during transportation will be carried out in accordance to the transportation legislation which the buyer is covered by.
4.7.    In the case of processing the order with the payment upon arrival option the seller remains the owner of the ordered goods until the buyer covers the full amount due.
5.1.    Client who is the consumer can cancel within 14 days of receiving the package from the courier / the indicated delivery person without providing a reason and without covering expenses except:
5.1.1.    Covering the excess costs of returning the ordered goods when choosing a different, more expensive courier than the one suggested by the store
5.1.2.    Costs directly related with the return of the goods (safe and appropriate packaging costs)
5.2.    Written cancellation declaration can be made by using the order cancellation form
5.3.    The customer needs to adhere to 14 day cancellation policy, which requires the customer to submit the cancellation form within that time period, the postal stamp date is crucial therefore the store recommends a signed delivery method.
5.4.    In the case of cancellation the order purchase agreement is considered not concluded
5.5.    The consumer is required to return the product to the store immediately, not later than 14 days from the cancellation date, in order to meet that requirement the customer is required to send the goods back before that time elapses. We recommend a return in the original packaging.
5.6.    The store will make a full refund within 14 days of receiving the returned product or receiving a proof of return, depending on whichever arrives first.
5.7.    The store will refund the payment using the same method which the customer chose when placing the order. If the payment was made via bank transfer, the funds will be returned into the account from which the payment was initially made.
5.8.    The consumer is responsible for any damages decreasing the value of the actual product
5.9.    The cancellation of the purchase order is not possible if:
5.9.1.    The company has carried out the service with the full agreement of the customer who was aware that once the service has been carried out he will not be able to cancel it.
5.9.2.    the product price is depending on current market situation, which the company does not control and which can occur within the cancellation period
5.9.3.    the subject of the service is not prefabricated, and adjusted according to customer's specifications or individual requests
5.9.4.    the subject is a product which is easily damaged or has a short expiry date
5.9.5.    the subject is a product delivered in a sealed package, once opened the product cannot be returned due to health and hygiene reasons 
5.9.6.    the subject is a product which after delivery, due to it's character becomes attached to other entities
5.9.7.    the subject has been purchased via public auction
5.9.8     the subject is a piece of digital information not saved on a material medium, if the service began with customers full agreement.
6.1.    The store is responsible for any damage if the purchased product has a physical or legal defect
6.2.    A physical defect occurs if the product does not suit the purchase order description. Especially if:
6.2.1.    the product's properties do not match the ones requested in the purchase order
6.2.2.    the store has assured the consumer about the properties of the product by producing a sample or pattern and the delivered product is not meeting the required criteria
6.2.3.    the incorrect specific product quantity has been received by the consumer 
6.3.    As stated by the store: the provided trademarks,logos are not representing the actual product producer.
6.4.  The product is physically damaged due to incorrect installation; if those actions were attempted by the store, customer, third party or any other person whom acted in accordance with the instructions provided by the store, providing photographic evidence of the defect..
6.5. The seller is responsible for the physical defect if the product purchased by the consumer was already defected, providing photographic evidence of the defect.
6.6 The seller is responsible for the product not meeting its destined expiry date
6.7.   The store is responsible  for a defect which occurred within a year of receiving the goods by the consumer, providing photographic evidence of the defect.
6.8. The seller does not replace the damaged product within 4 weeks.
6.9.  The Store is NOT responsible for the possible damage which can occur once the product has been received by the consumer
6.10.  The Store is NOT responsible for the damages which were mentioned in the product description
6.11. The store is NOT responsible for excessive complaint product return costs
6.12.    Only defected goods are replaced
6.13.    A discount can be applied to damaged goods, for further information get in touch
6.14.    Please forward your complaints to: 
Dariusz Plesiński 
ul. Powstańców Śląskich 2, 
49-300 Brzeg.
6.15. Any legal  disputes between the seller and the consumer will be handled in court.
6.16.   The consumer can contact their local consumer rights authority in order to get further advice.
6.17.    Any disputes  between the seller and the consumer are handled within the district of the consumers residence country.
7.1.   The electronic service allows the customer to place an order online via the order form.
7.2.  Once the electronic purchase order form has  been submitted an order has been placed.
7.3.    The electronic service of the purchase order form submission is taking place once a customer places an order and submits it, or cancels the order.
8.1.    Electronic services complaints can be forwarded to the e-mail: 
or in writing:
Dariusz Plesiński 
ul. Powstańców Śląskich 2, 
49-300 Brzeg.
8.2.    A raised complaint will be considered within 14 days.
8.3.    The response will be sent to the consumer's registered contact e-mail address.
8.4.    Providing the order date, or contact e-mail address will speed up the process
9.1.    Due to the public character of the world wide web (internet) used to carry out the service, using the above service may be connected with a threat of 3rd party involvement in the data transmission between the store and the customer.There is a particular risk connected with using the customer's account by an unauthorised person, if the customer does not keep the login details safe and secure or shares it with an unauthorised third party or if the customer will log in to the account from a virus, adware, malware infected device.In order to avoid the above threats the customer should always use an up to date antivirus protection on the device they will be attempting to log in from and check for any latest updates regarding that protection software.
9.2.    The seller also informs that the main risks regarding the usage of the electronic service described in the above terms & conditions are connected with hacking activity aiming to compromise both the store system as well as the customer's details.
9.3.    The consumer accepts that even though the seller will use the latest security technologies there is no perfect security measure which would protect against the above unauthorised actions.
9.4.    Providing any unauthorised 3rd party details within the purchase order form is prohibited.
9.5.    The seller is not responsible for the contents of the details provided by the customer in the purchase order form, especially if the customer is compromising any 3rd party details.
9.6.    Once the customer has been notified by the seller about any unauthorised actions or breach of terms & conditions , the seller can use those details in order to establish the responsibility and forward them to the appropriate authorities.
9.7.    The seller can notify the customer about  any unauthorised actions and request to immediately stop them.
10.1.    By accepting the Web store terms & conditions the client allows to collect and process their personal data in order to process the order (xxx)
10.2.    The client has limitless access to their personal data and will be able to update them at any point.
10.3.    The Admin of personal data is the seller: 
Dariusz Plesiński 
ul. Powstańców Śląskich 2 , 
49-300 Brzeg.
10.4.    The personal data is being collected for the purpose of processing the orders made by the customer, direct product or service marketing or any complaints investigations.
10.5.    The purchase order form requires the customer to provide the below personal data: name, surname, home address, delivery address, contact mobile number, e-mail 
In case of a corporate order the company name and VAT registration number/NIP will be required as well.
11.1.    Any unresolved issues not covered by the above terms and conditions will be investigated in accordance to the legal laws and rights relating to personal /consumer data and will be enforced by the appropriate authorities.
11.2.    Any changes in Terms and Conditions will be preceded by a notification on the store website and will apply to any future customers.
11.3.    The customers are bound by the Terms and Conditions which were existing at the point of placing the order.
11.4.    The above terms and conditions are effective from February 2019